Thursday, June 19, 2014

Family Photo Day!

I know I haven't blogged in FOREVER! So now that we have updated our photos I guess it's a good time. We all know that taking family photos can be a task…I would know since I am usually the one taking them! LOL My family does not have one photo of all of us together so it was really special that we finally got everyone together in the same place, at the same time. Not only did we get family photos, we got my grandparents for their 60th anniversary and a few engagement ones for my bro and beautiful soon to be sis in law.It was epically windy of course and hot! we still managed to get out there and "just take the picture!" Sorry, I had to place an inside joke in there for our friend/photographer.

So through the wind, the heat, the whining, the meltdowns, and the wind again we managed to get out photos! I couldn't be more grateful to Heather of Heather K Photography for doing this for us. I can finally feel a little more at peace knowing we got these family photos finally.

Enjoy! Heather you did a lovely job capturing us :) Sorry you got yelled at hahahahahah ;) But at least you got paid in beer! LOL

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Belly Bump #3!

It's bittersweet this being my last and final pregnant belly. What better way to document it than with a beautiful photo shoot shot by my amazing and talented great friend Heather. I can't begin to thank you enough Heather for capturing this last maternity shoot in just the way I envisioned it. I know I asked a lot of you! Sun flare, natural, bohemian, multiple outfit changes, kids, grass, trees, did I leave anything out? Probably. Anyway, Heather you nailed it! I love you to pieces for getting it :)

Hey friends. Remember that one trip to the cabin? you know snowboarding, dancing, jager? Yeah that one. Well enter Ivy! LOL I recall that it was Valentine's Day when I realized…I'M LATE!!! What? That's impossible! Well, the test said otherwise. I'm pretty sure I dialed numbers until someone picked up their phone and I could have a complete panic attack like this was my first rodeo or something. LOL Get a grip someone said. Okay, I eventually calmed down and accepted that the good lord blessed me with a baby at just the right time. I was on the verge at that time in my life that I was happy with two kids and was ready to be done but nope, Ivy wanted to come into this world and she chose me :) I am forever grateful too.

The next night Brad and I went out to dinner at out one of our favorite steak place Mon Ami Gabi. This is the setting where I
placed a card down in front of him and watched him read.

I'm not sure if that's the face of holy sh** or holy F&*$ 

Either way, we were both excited and a little scared. No matter how many kids you have, its always scary!

Enough about that….Here is our Maternity shoot!